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5 x Cheers - das komplette Werk

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Komplette Cheers-Sammlung (5 CDs) Beinhaltet alle 5 CDs: Gopfrtelly (1994) Teatime! (1995) Happy Hour! (1996) Hits à gogo! (1997) Speak Easy! (1997)

Die Titel auf diesen CDS: I can do it (Bickerton/Waddington) Get back (Lennon/McCartney) Alperose (Ammann) The wanderer (Maresca) My bonnie (Trad.) Mean girl (Rossi/Young) Let's twist again (Mann/Apell) Let's work together (Wilbur, Harrison) Yellow river (Christy) Hang on sloopy (Mc Coys) E asciutto pazzo o padrone (Bennato) Mendocino (Sahm) True love (Smith/Jackson) Pretty little angel eyes (Boyce/Lee) It's so easy (Holly/Petty) Rama lama ding dong (Jones) , Don't stop (Mc Vie) Baby heaven sent me you (Meaux) Ramblin' man (Betts) Pretty little angel eyes (Boyce/Lee) Twist and shout (Russel) Roll over Beethoven (Berry) Lodi (Fogerty) Don't waste my time (Rossi/Young) True love (Smith/Jackson) Sihlsee (Lauenesee) (Mueller) Jumping jack flash (Jagger/Richards) Something 'bout you baby (Supa) Just the blues (Boyd) Stop messing around (Green) Not fade away (Hardin/Petty) , Rama lama Ding dong (Jones) Veronica (Bennato) Green river (Fogerty) My babe (Dixon) Delilah (Jones) It's so easy (Holly/Petty) Bring it on home to me (Cooke) Come on in (Stonebridge) You're gonna loose that girl (Lennon/Mc Cartney) Let's dance (Lee) Dirty water (Rossi/Young) Six years gone (Baird) Strange kind of woman (Deep Purple) Down the dustpipe (Groszman) My boy Lolipop (Spencer) Sweet home Chicago (Johnson), Peppermint twist (Dee) It hurts me, too (James) Sweets for my sweet (Pomus/Shuman) Vutamo pe te (Bennato) Mendocino (Sahm) Have you ever seen the rain (Fogerty) Fool for your loving (Moody/Marsden) Spinning wheel blues (Rossi/Young) Tearing up the country (Clifford) Ticket to ride (Lennon/Mc Cartney) Stets in truure (Trad) Dust my broom (Johnson) Yellow river (Christie/Gayle) Tennessee whiskey (Dillon/Hargrove) , Baby what you want (Reed) Fine, fine, fine (Rossi/Young) Roll over lay down (Rossi/Young) Who'll stop the rain (Fogerty) Mary Long (Deep Purple) Time's on my side (Rolling Stones) E asciutto pazzo o padrone (Bennato) Hang on sloopy (Mc Coys) Woolly bully (Sam the Sham) Moving on (Gary Moore) It's all over now Don't ease All your loving Cotton fields (Trad)

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